Clover: 4-bit Quantized Linear Algebra Library
Clover is a new library for the efficient computation on low-precision data, providing mathematical routines required by fundamental methods in optimization and sparse recovery. Our library faithfully implements variants of stochastic quantization and supports 4-bit quantized format and demonstrate that 4-bit can be implemented efficiently using Intel AVX2 despite the lack of native support for this data format.

LMS Intrinsics
A library that enables the use of SIMD x86 instructions in the Lightweight Modular Staging Framework (LMS). Implementation is done by Ivaylo Toskov as part of a master thesis project at the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich Switzerland, supervised by Markus PĆ¼schel and me.

FGen: High-Performance Convolution Generator
FGen is a program generator for performance-optimized functions implementing convolutions, or FIR filters. The generator uses an internal mathematical DSL to enable structural optimization at a high level of abstraction. We use FGen as a testbed to demonstrate how to provide modular and extensible support for modern SIMD (single instruction, multiple data) vector architectures in a DSL-based generator.